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Told in the Seed

Sanora Babb has written poetry all her life. As a young girl living in small towns on the Great Plains of Oklahoma and Kansas, she would send her poems out to the many little journals that existed at the time and often have them published. Her lyrical writing style lent itself to this genre for many decades, if not to current fashion.

Her strong empathy with people and their daily lives, and her ability to elevate the ordinary into the extraordinary is reflected in her poems. All of her poetry is quickened with her lyricism, clarity and sense of immediacy. Many poems in this collection echo her life's experiences such as her trip to Greece and her husband's last year.

The poems in this collection have appeared in "Prairie Schooner", "The Southern Review", "Arizona Quarterly", "Coastlines", "Dalhousie Review", and other publications. Her honors include the Borestone Mountain Poetry Award in 1967 for "Told in the Seed" and the Gold Medal Award in 1932 for "Captive" from the Mitre Press Anthology, London.