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An Owl on Every Post

“The lyricism of Sanora Babb’s writing defines the luminous and transcendent landscape of this extraordinary memoir. On a par stylistically and thematically with Willa Cather’s My Antonia, this is a classic that deserves to be rediscovered and cherished for years to come.”
Linda P. Miller, Professor of English, chairman of the Editorial Advisory Board for The Cambridge Edition of the Letters of Ernest Hemingway, author of Letters from the Lost Generation.

“An unsung masterpiece—I was completely blown away by it. Her ageless story deserves a permanent place in our nation’s literature."
Arnold Rampersad, author of Ralph Ellison: A Biography.

“In every voice, gesture, and scenic description, the whole atmosphere of the prairie communicates an intoxicating sense that the every day world contains secret layers of meaning.”
Alan M. Wald, author of Exiles from a Future Time.

“Thought-provoking description of the mystery, wonder and poetry of growing up in a pioneering environment. A vivid restoration of an important phase of American history.”
Ralph Ellison

“Sanora Babb, with quiet humor, and a great all-encompassing love for a land and her people, has created a warm hearth indeed in this book. I hold my hands out to be warmed.”
Ray Bradbury

“An enchanting true story of a childhood on the plains. Absolutely great.”
William Saroyan

“Babb's engaging memoir recalls a childhood spent on the harsh and wild Colorado frontier during the early 1900s.”
Publishers Weekly

Selected Works

“A memoir of literary and historical quality that well deserves this new edition.”
—Pulitzer Prize author
William Kennedy
Many readers and reviewers consider Babb’s Dust Bowl novel better than The Grapes of Wrath—more realistic, passionate, and insightful.

A gripping autobiographical novel of a professional gambler and his family set on the High Plains in the 1930s.
Non fiction
"This is a really exciting book . . . Some of the pictures alone are worth the price."--Lawrence Rodgers
Short stories
"Babb can sing, and convince us, at least for a while, that to touch bottom is to find hope."--Small Press Magazine
A collection of poems by this "lyric poet of great sensitivity."