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Unknown No More: Recovering Sanora Babb

 "These thirteen new essays on Sanora Babb are a great development in the rescue from obscurity of her marvelous literary work. With an engaging style, scholars, researchers, academics, and a friend of thirty years offer new perspectives on her fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and her unusual early life in the Dust Bowl area, then in Los Angeles among the literati, filmmakers, and progressives of the 1930s and '40s. Unknown No Moreis a valuable contribution to the ongoing campaign to resurrect the beautiful Sanora, a forgotten writer and a vital, brilliant woman, and include her in the American literary canon, where she belongs." —William Kennedy, Pulitzer Prize winning author.

"This collection of essays explores Babb's eloquent writing. . . and helps set the record straight on an important American author." —Ken Burns and Dayton Duncan, producers of The Dust Bowl

"These timely and engaging essays about the immensely talented author Sanora Babb finally restores the writer to her due place in American literary history. Offering insights about a politically engaged figure who was of her era yet also ahead of her time, the contributors make a convincing case for positioning Babb at the center of our conversations about ecology, labor, race, gender, and regional belonging." —Susan Kollin, editor of A History of Western American Literature

"Unknown No More is the book that devoted readers of Sanora Babb have been waiting for and new readers will greet as an invitation to join her fan club—a wide-ranging set of essays that examine her life and work in their fullest dimen- sions. Whether addressing Babb the poet and storyteller of the West, the labor activist, the environmentalist, or the champion of feminism and equality, the essays together record the full dimension of Babb's pivotal contributions to twentieth-century American life and letters. —Lawrence Rodgers, Dean of College of Liberal Arts, English profesor at Oregon State University.
"The first collected volume focused entirely on this important author and covering all of her work—her wide-ranging poetry, short fiction, novels, memoir, journalism. . . . These powerfully written, path-breaking contributions argue convincingly that Sanora Babb was an immensely gifted, deeply committed writer and activist whose time has come and whose courageous life and vivid art can inspire a wide range of present-day general readers, scholars, and activists." —Michael C. Steiner, editor of Regionalists on the Left